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November 18, 2012
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Ludwig x Reader - Betrayal pt 1

You looked to the sky and smiled. It was a perfect blue, with only a few white clouds daring to blemish the sky. It was perfect weather for the surprise picnic you packed for you and your boyfriend, Ludwig. You both had been dating for a year and today was the anniversary. As you walked out of your apartment door, your mind turned to the memory of how you met.

You had just moved to a new town and it was the first time you would be living without your parents, a fresh start. You even managed to get a nice job at a nearby flower shop. You were   watering some sunflowers when you first saw him walk through the door, his large muscular body standing out amongst the nearby array of petunias. You gulped when your eyes traveled up his muscular chest, emphasized by his too tight black t-shirt, right up to his crystal blue eyes.

You blushed when he turned to you with a serious expression and a light blush. He shook his head, as if trying to expel a thought from his mind before he spoke in a thick accent "Ah, yes. G-Guten tag. I need help picking out flowers for my girlfriend." You sighed and nodded wearily, trying to put a smile on your face.Why were all the good guys taken? You helped him find a nice bouquet of colorful summer flowers with a forced small smile, but you weren't able to mask the sigh in your voice as you wished him luck on his date. You honestly thought you would never see him again.

A few days later, you decided to sign up for a zumba class. You heard how fun it was and were excited to start. It was difficult, and one of the other girls kept tripping over herself. You smiled and helped her up . "Are you ok?" She laughed and pulled a stray lock of red brown hair back. "Vee…I-a think so. . .I'm just really clumsy." She gave you a hug and laughed "My names Felicia!" You laughed back "I'm _______!"

You both became great friends, though you began to see how she really was. She was cruel and spoiled, but hid behind a cute, naive mask . She said that she was going to introduce you to her boyfriend soon one day after over lunch,and you could tell that she just wanted to show him off like a new purse that you could never have .He walked in the room, and you blushed and remembered him as the guy from the flower shop. His face turned slightly red as you shook his hand. "Y-You're zat girl from ze flower shop, ja?" You nodded shyly "Y-Yes."

You both finished introductions, laughing , as Felicia puffed out her cheeks and made a disgruntled 'hmph!' noise. "Well, I can-a see that you two know each other already." She grabbed your arm and dragged you out of the restaurant before you could even grab your purse. Her mask slipped and her anger showed, until you reached the door. She put a bright cheery smile on her face as she turned around and waved good-bye to Ludwig. "Bye-Bye Luddy! See you soon! Ti amo~!" He gave an awkward smile and waved back.

She practically dragged you down the sidewalk a good block before she stopped. "How the hell do you know my-a boyfriend?!?" Oh, she dragged you down her so Ludwig couldn't see her yell at you.  "I don't know him! He just came by the flower shop were I work to get you some flowers!" She just stomped away, and turned around. "Just-a stay away from-a him!"

You sighed a bit. You became friends with him fast, but a few weeks after you met, they split up. Before she dumped him, her mask slipped more. Ludwig was convinced that it was his fault, that he wasn't being a good enough girlfriend. He treated her like a queen, but it didn't help. Felicia told him she could do better, so she dumped him for some porn star named Antonio. Ludwig was heart broken for more than a week after that. He honestly believed that she was as sweet and innocent as she led people to believe. He blamed himself and honestly believed the hurtful things she said to him when they broke up.

You remember running into him at the park after Felicia mentioned to you that she dumped him. He was sitting on a park bench , absentmindedly throwing bread crumbs for the birds. He sighed and stuffed the paper bag back into his pocket, now empty. He stood to walk back as you approached him. "Ludwig, wait!" He looked surprised as you caught up with him.He gave an exhausted sigh "_____? Vhat is zit?" You stood awkwardly for a second. You had grown a sort of crush on him for the past few weeks that you have known him . You blushed and looked down at your feet . "Er...How are you?" You honestly had no idea what to say. You just wanted to talk to him.

Ludwig gave a weak sarcastic laugh and your head snapped up. "How do you think I am? Ze most amazing girl just broke my heart for a porn star! I feel awful! And worse yet, It's all my fault! I should have treated her better! I should have -!" He stopped talking when tears started to fall from your eyes.

He called your name softly in shock as he stepped closer. "_-_____? Vhats wrong?" You wiped away your tears and sighed, telling him about Felicia. All the times she was cruel, about how she wrapped the world around her little finger, everything. At first he didn't believe you but then his eyes widened as the truth set in. You both sat down on the bench in silence, letting the truth set in, but soon casual conversation flowed. You both ended up walking to a nearby coffee shop, laughing and chatting merrily, not a thought spared towards Felicia.

Your mind turned again. This time to the memory of your first date with Ludwig. He asked you out on a date not long after you two met in the park and you had both decided to go see the latest gory horror film. Unfortunately, you had a weak stomach for blood and guts, but you heard how much Ludwig was looking forward to seeing it. You winced as the first character was killed brutally. You peeked over at Ludwig and saw him indifferent to the scene, eating popcorn as if everything was normal.

When the next character was killed more brutally than the last, you gave a little squeak and shut your eyes tightly. You opened them when you felt him  wrap an arm round your shoulders. You felt embarrassed as Ludwig looked at you with worry. "If ze movie is too much, ve can go see a chick flick or somezing." You nodded, grabbing his hand as you both left the darkened theater.

You waited at a cross walk and checked over everything in your basket. You smiled a bit when you saw the package of hershey kisses tucked in next to his favorite beer.  One day , you went to visit his apartment. He had been working hard all week to finish a presentation on the economy, staying inside his apartment all day and not leaving. He was having his groceries delivered and one of the local kids walking his dogs , even. You decided that enough was enough, you missed him and he needed a break.

You arrived at Ludwig's door with a bag of candy to share with him. You knocked , and you could hear his dogs barking excitedly, thinking that they were going for a walk. He yelled for then to stay down as he opened the door. He looked as though he was expecting a delivery boy or the dog walker, not you. He gave a small smile. "Hallo Kätzchen, zis is a pleasant surprise." You would have responded , but you were in heaven at that point. He looked dead sexy with stubble on his unshaven face , barely messed up hair and calling you 'kitten' with that sexy accent.

His chuckle  snapped yourself from your daze,making you clear your throat and try to hide the growing blush with your hand. "H-Hello, Ludwig. Er, how are you?" He ended up laughing, his rich deep baritone filling the hallway as he invited you into his home. "So cute. . ." he mumbled to him self, smiling. He regained his stoic expression as he cleared his throat and turned to you. "Give me 15 minutes to freshen up, bitte?" You nodded, he must have not bathed in a couple of days, too caught up in his work.

You sat on his leather couch and played with his dogs while you waited. True to his word, he came out of the bathroom freshly shaven and smelling of his rosemary mint shampoo. He sat on the couch next to you. You opened up the package of candy that you brought over as you both discussed what you should do that day. You smiled at him sweetly "Want kind of candy would you like?" He smiled at your sweet nature. "A kiss , bitte. " You smiled and kissed him sweetly on the cheek. He chuckled . "I meant ze candy, but zat vas much better."

As you were a block away, you thought about how strange he had been acting lately. You started to become worried, but then you pushed the thought from your mind, convincing yourself that he was planning some intricate suprize for your anniversary . You skipped and whistled a tune, Your mind going to a more recent memory from a month ago. You both were at his  apartment on his couch. Ludwig was editing his report quickly so that you both could go out to dinner, and you were laying down, using his leg as a pillow as you read a book. Your eyes moved from the page to look into his blue eyes as they moved diligently across the report. They shifted to look into yours and he smiled, setting his work and reading glasses aside. "I zink I have gotten enough work done for now. "

You set your book aside and moved to sit in his lap, placing a small kiss on his lips. He smiled as he chuckled, kissing back. You moved to straddle him, his strong hands keeping you steady. Your tounge darted to his lip, teeth appearing next to nibble as his fingers toyed with the end of your shirt.  Your tounge danced with his, when his hand went under your shirt.You grew worried of his hands, worried that he wanted to go 'all the way' . You told him the first time you both made out  that you were saving yourself for marriage. You pushed it from your mind. You trusted him and knew that he understood . Then his hand met your bra.

You broke the kiss, Ludwig reluctantly pulling away. He moved a hand to cup your face, as worry painted his. "Vhats wrong, _____? Did I do somezing veird?" You bit your lip. He was socially awkward, always worried about his actions. "Well, no. Not exactly. It's just that I'm not comfortable going any farther than kissing.I'm waiting till I'm married, remember?" Ludwig guiltily looked away from your face. "Es tut mir leid, schatz." You smiled and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before climbing off of him.

You arrived at his apartment complex, when you saw Gilbert leaving, eyes on the ground and looking angry. You smiled and waved cheerfully at him. "Hey Gil!" His ruby eyes snapped up to meet yours , shock painting him. "_-____?!? Vhat are you doing here?!?" You were confused. "I'm visiting Ludwig. Today's our anniversary." You showed him the picnic basket cheerfully. "I packed a picnic! Don't you think he'll love it?"

He looked to the ground angry again. "Your too sveet, Go home ____. He's no good for you." You stood shocked "What?" He gave a half hearted laugh. "Never mind! You should find out vhat mein dummkopf of a bruder has been up to." He continued walking past you, as fear spread in you. As he walked past he spoke one last statement. "You deserve better, ____. . ."

Your head swam with thoughts now. Should you go home? Should you go to the pay phone down the street and call Ludwig? You shook your head. You were determined to get answers. You marched up the stairs, the basket digging into your arm. You arrived to his door and knocked swiftly. No one came to the door. Another few minutes passed, and you grew more worried. You finally decided to use the spare key hidden under the rug and let your self in.

You set down your basket and took off your coat hurriedly. That's when you heard the noises from down the hall. A nagging voice told you to grab your coat and leave, but you needed to know the truth. You tip toed down the hall, hoping the noises weren't what you thought they were or that Luddy was watching some porn,  but you knew who and what was beyond the door.

You threw open the door and what you saw made you faint. Ludwig was cheating on you.
I got This done Finnally! Had to chug a pot of coffee, BUT I HAVE SUCCEDEDD!!!! Now I'm going to reward my self with a 319,902 word fanfic and Thor.

Warning for a lime, no Lemon ...yet...
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